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Be a friend amongst friends

A place for Bleach writers to be inspired
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♣ Community

Welcome to Bleach_Muses a place for friends of Bleach, writing, motivation games as well as good characterization.

This community welcomes all those who seek motivational help and hand-holding to finish an art project or a story and also those who got stuck and look for inspiration to get out of their writer's block.

All fics are encouraged. Gen, ships, het, yaoi, dark, fluff, AU... All characters and pairings welcome. We are here for you.

You will also find great support here if you seek honest and thoughtful critique. For more info see Con-Crit Monday
Moderators ♦

Who are we?

gypsygrrl420 - writer and professional sounding board. She loves dark!fic, and can turn even the fluffiest of bunnies into something sleek and lethal. Incapable of writing PWP (plot somehow always sneaks in, whether it's wanted or not) and adores thoughtful smut. Open-minded, very little squicks her, and is always willing to lend an ear. Plot-fiend, Sentence of Doom writer, and when it comes to the more intimate details of fic (which is a nice way of saying smut) is a walking encyclopedia and handy thesaurus ready and willing to answer any questions. Feel free to drop her a line.

xglimpsex - writer and professional Fic Voyeur. She is an open-minded person who isn't afraid to nudge others along when a particularly wonderful plot-line comes to light (she also tends to abandon logical things, like sleep, in order to nourish good ideas). Is more than happy to help set a plot or dialouge into motion, but makes sure that YOU are doing the work necessary. She is also the resident one sentence-fic fiend.

♥ Prompts

We offer two sets of prompt tables.

TABLE 1 -Gen- is designed to be used for Gen fiction, as a way to further connect you with your characters and develop characterization.

TABLE 2 -Ship- is meant for fiction that incorporates a romantic/sexual relationship. This is a way to help you become inspired to deepen the relationship between characters.
Rules ♠

We have changed our rules to a 'mature content' community. That means that if there is a discussion or a story concrit request containing explicit adult material, these entries will be community locked and will carry the proper warnings. Since we are a writing community any explicit adult rating will always be connected with writing, character discussions etc. and thus will be handled from an educational point of view.

We are an open-minded community and our motto "be a friend amongst friends" is a matter close to our hearts. In order to ensure that this community is a friendly place for everyone, we do have a few rules. Please refer to Our Guidelines.

We offer constructive, helpful criticism and provide a template which allows you to specify your needs and what you're looking for. We will be blunt at times, but will never, ever be disrespectful.